Turning a chunk of wood into something beautiful is satisfying to watch

Here is Alan Holland performing his craft: woodturning. He takes a big chunk of wood, spins it on a lathe and shaves and cuts it down into something much more detailed. It's painstaking work but it looks absolutely rewarding. Getting to the finished product is like discovering something that was hidden underneath. » 9/17/14 10:42pm Wednesday 10:42pm

This pile of cash is actually just carved wood

We're rich! You would scream if you stumbled upon these cash wads in a cardboard box but your calculations would be a little off. Not because you counted wrong but because there actually isn't money in the box. What you think is a box of 100s is actually just an excellent wood carving. The money is wood. » 1/15/14 12:19am 1/15/14 12:19am

Boost Your iPad's Ego With This Laser Cut Cherry Wood Stand

There are plenty of nice iPad stands—the flashy Joule, say, or the utilitarian Compass—but there's nothing wrong with wanting to see a little wood grain behind your tablet's sleek metal lines. This gorgeous iPad stand from Etsy user Ideasinwood is laser cut from Pennsylvania cherry, inlaid with a nice floral design,… » 3/11/11 9:13am 3/11/11 9:13am