Real Yelp Reviews About Terrible Food... And Such Small Portions

There’s an old joke, made famous in Woody Allen’s Annie Hall, about customers complaining at a restaurant. One woman says that the food is terrible. The other replies, I know, and such small portions! It probably won’t surprise you to learn that this joke is often played out in earnest in Yelp reviews. » 5/15/15 10:30am 5/15/15 10:30am

Beautification Engine Turns Cultural Bias Into Pretty Pictures

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder—68 different beholders in the case of Tommer Leyvand's new "beautification engine." The software, featured in a story in the New York Times » 10/09/08 7:30pm 10/09/08 7:30pm, takes preferences from a poll of 68 men and women from Israel and Germany who looked at pictures and chose the most beautiful subjects.…