The Plaid Shirt: Rebellion, Grunge and a Touch Flamboyance

Plaid shirts will always represent for me Kurt Cobain, riot grrrls and grunge music. That's because I'm self-centered and lived my twenties in the '90s. But today when I see my husband putting on a plaid shirt, it inspires entirely different connotations. He couldn't be less grunge, but he is a certified geek. And it… » 3/02/12 4:20pm 3/02/12 4:20pm

Modified New Zealand Wool Resists Blowtorches, Dog Bites, Sharp Knives

Call it cliche (or just inevitable), but those sheep-herders down not-quite under have created the ultimate fabric by weaving a synthetic textile fiber called Vectran » 9/12/08 9:15pm 9/12/08 9:15pm with ordinary sheep's wool. It's so amazing, its said to withstand blowtorches, dog bites and even knife attacks. "We have tested it...putting the…

Knitted Gas Mask Helps Cyclists Avoid Cotton-Wool Smog

For those who are about to knit, we salute you—especially if you make woolly hat 'n' gas mask combos for your friends to wear on their bike ride to work. Not sure whether it would work in the event of a mustard gas attack, but it works for me. File this alongside the R2-D2 beanie and Darth Vader bonnet and see the… » 2/22/08 9:00am 2/22/08 9:00am