Words With Friends Saved a Man from Death

The ever-addictive word game cherished by word fiends and Alec Baldwins everywhere has a new star on its sleeve: it prevented a heart attack, sort of! » 1/13/12 12:40pm 1/13/12 12:40pm

Words With Friends on Android

It took forever, but Words With Friends, the Scrabble clone, finally gets to Android. If your iPhone-having friends haven't ditched the game already, like mine have, you can do some cross-platform word-making. [Android Market] » 2/14/11 9:48pm 2/14/11 9:48pm

The Scrabblish "Words With Friends" App is Android-Bound

One of the most popular iOS games amongst Giz editors is Words With Friends, but Android owners such as myself have been missing out on the Scrabble-like fun. But not for much longer! » 12/14/10 8:00am 12/14/10 8:00am