Apple Audit Reveals 106 Cases of Underage Labor in China

Apple has released its seventh annual supplier audit and it reveals that one of its suppliers—Guangdong Real Faith Pingzhou Electronics—was found to violate its underage labor policy 74 times. Unsurprisingly, Apple was clear about the consequences of such a problems, and has completely severed ties with the… » 1/25/13 4:33am 1/25/13 4:33am

Working at Foxconn Just Got Slightly Less Brutal

The Wall Street Journal reports that working conditions are getting better at the embattled Foxconn manufacturing facility where 150,000 Chinese workers assemble iPhones and iPads for the rest of the world. According to the report, wages have been raised by 16 percent and the probation period before entry-level… » 8/27/12 10:05am 8/27/12 10:05am

Apple Responds to Poor Factory Condtions Accusations

Apple is playing spin control this week, trying to defuse a story that first appeared in a UK newspaper on Sunday, accusing the computer maker of building its popular iPod under near "slave labor" conditions in China. Reportedly, most of the workers at the factory—which is not owned by Apple—are female, work 15-hour… » 6/14/06 4:04pm 6/14/06 4:04pm