Build This Space-Saving Workstation for your DIY Electronics Projects

Normally, DIY electronics projects require a lot of room to spread out and specialized tools, but this simple, tiny workbench by Instructables user gizmologist bucks the trend. It offers storage for tools and room for a breadboard, Arduino, and a few other gadgets, all in a portable package. » 4/11/15 6:53pm 4/11/15 6:53pm

This Cute Cubicle is the Ultimate Home Office

This is the Kororodesku, a diorama-like workspace designed by Tokyo-based Torafu Architects, that is one part desk, one part office cubicle, and entirely charming. Its plywood frame can be purchased with an interior polyester veneer in any one of over 1,000 different colors, making the Kororo desk an irresistible… » 5/16/12 10:00pm 5/16/12 10:00pm