Planet 3 Studios Crams an Entire Office Workstation Into a Box

It appears that the design team at Mubai-based Planet 3 Studios have done for the office what the Casulo did for small apartments. That is to say, they have found a way to cram a rooms worth of furniture into a box. At a glance, it appears that their "Out-of-Box" workstation incorporates 2 desks, a decent amount of… »6/06/08 4:20pm6/06/08 4:20pm

Revolution Desk Saves Space With a Fold-Away Workstation

It may not look as hot as the Sync Desktop concept, but the new Revolution Desk provides similar functionality in a product that you can actually own. The simple yet functional design incorporates a unique rotating panel surface that allows for an unobstructed forward view when using the computer, but can completely… »5/22/08 8:20pm5/22/08 8:20pm

Dell Precision Workstation 390 Hands-On: Core 2 Extreme-Packing, Speed-Rocking

This morning Intel officially announced its Core 2 Duo processors, and Dell has provided Gizmodo with a blazing fast Dell Precision Workstation 390 just in time for a Day Zero hands-on review. At first glance, the machine doesn't look much different from previous Dell Precision Workstations, but inside is a completely… »7/27/06 9:00am7/27/06 9:00am