Hands-On the LG KF600: Color Chocolate Touchpad Still Sucks Cocoa

Despite the high sales of the LG Chocolate*, anyone who's actually used it knows that its touch controller is one of the worst UIs to come out in the last several years. The KF600 is LG's new 3MP cellie with a slider keypad. It has the same electrostatic chocopad the Chocolate has, but with an improved 1.5-inch color… »2/12/08 12:00pm2/12/08 12:00pm

Hands-On LG's KF700: Their Top Touch Phone Actually Pretty Good

Samsung's new F480 full faced touchscreen handset meets a good competitor in LG's KF700, their best phone released at Mobile World Congress. The phone has a 3-inch touchscreen, a slide out alphanumeric pad, and a scrollwheel on the back which pulls up a shortcut menu. Jesús liked the swiping action between widgets,… »2/12/08 11:00am2/12/08 11:00am

Hands-On Samsung's F480 Prada Phone Knockoff (Verdict: I'll Pass)

Samsung's F700 and F300 are joined by the F480, a pretty clear knockoff of the LG Prada (down to the fake leather case). I find its touchscreen implementation rough, even if it's improved from Samsung's previous handsets. Overall, I'll pass, especially at the proposed European price of 350 to 400 Euros (~$500 to $580… »2/12/08 7:37am2/12/08 7:37am

The Nokia N96 Super Cellphone is Official: Gallery and Specs Here

The N96 is pretty similar to the Symbian 60-powered N95 we've all come to recognize as Nokia's 5MP GPS finest, but with 16GB of internal memory and a 2.8-inch screen. This model also has a built-in DVB-H receiver for digital TV signals in Europe and Asia, and a kickstand for desktop viewing. Also new are the backlit… »2/11/08 4:20am2/11/08 4:20am

N78 Comes Loaded with Wi-Fi, HSPDA, GPS, Touch Surfaces, Tricorder

The new Nokia N78 candybar cellphone comes absolutely loaded: HSPDA 3G support, Wi-Fi connectivity, FM music transmitter and integrated Assisted GPS. The later has obligatory Nokia Maps support and automatic geotagging of photos taken by its 3.2-megapixel sensor with Carl Zeiss optics. Unlike the previous N73, the

»2/11/08 4:15am2/11/08 4:15am

Nokia 6210 Navigator Keeps Pedestrians on Course with Compass, Accelerometers

If you thought the iPhone's accelerometers trick was cool, wait until you see the new Nokia 6210 Navigator GPS in action. Using the GPS, an integrated compass and accelerometers, the 6210 will always show you the map in the right orientation, no matter how you turn the cellphone around. This is great especially when… »2/11/08 4:15am2/11/08 4:15am

Nokia 6220 Classic Takes 5 Megapixel Geotagged Photos, Includes Widgets

The 6220 Classic seems to be Nokia's answer to the latest Sony Ericsson Cybershots: a compact candybar with 5 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss lens that gets all its photos tagged thanks to its built-in Assisted GPS, a feature that is the norm in the latest Nokia lineup. The only bad thing: the candybar 6220 doesn't… »2/11/08 4:15am2/11/08 4:15am