NASA astronomer finds first Earth-sized planet in habitable zone

The search for a new Earth outside the solar system seems to be nearing its end. NASA's Ames Research Center astronomer Thomas Barclay has found a planet nearly the size of Earth in the habitable zone of a star in the Milky Way. » 3/24/14 12:44am 3/24/14 12:44am

Gillette Is Writing Ads on Strands of Hair with a Freaking Electron…

Gillette took a step away from the "plaster ads on every surface in the civilized world" school of marketing to do something pretty cool. They rounded up a few doctors of electron microscopy and had them stick a whole ad on a strand of hair. » 6/10/11 10:20pm 6/10/11 10:20pm

The World's Largest Water Pump Moves 15 Olympic-Sized Swimming Pools…

The Mississippi River has been pretty pissed off lately. And it's because of natural disasters like this that they're building the world's largest water pump in New Orleans. » 5/09/11 7:20pm 5/09/11 7:20pm

Please Keep the World's Tiniest Video Camera Away From Me

Just a few weeks ago, the world's tiniest video camera was as small as a grain of rice. Today, the world's nanoest camera is even smaller. » 5/04/11 4:00pm 5/04/11 4:00pm

The New "Largest Photo in the World" is Also the Prettiest

But really, I'm biased, because I live in that fine city you see captured in Jeffrey Martin's photo: London. 7,886 individual photos were stitched together to form an 80-gigapixel panorama, which can be zoomed-in and out over here. [360Cities] » 11/17/10 6:00am 11/17/10 6:00am

Queen of England Buying the World's Largest Wind Turbine

We don't know how much it cost her, but word is that the Queen of England has put down some mega-bucks to buy the world's largest wind turbine. The 10-megawatt monster machine built by Clipper Windpower of Carpinteria, California will have a wingspan larger than two soccer fields and will stand 574 feet tall when… » 9/23/08 9:00pm 9/23/08 9:00pm

Super Talent 8GB Flash Drive is World's Smallest

The chaps at Super Talent are not only incredibly modest, talented and super, but they must also be fantastically tiny to have put together the world's smallest 8GB flash drive. (Flawless logic, I'm sure you'll agree.) Retailing at $35, the price is pretty reasonable, at least until you drop it into your chest hair… » 4/08/08 5:34am 4/08/08 5:34am