Kensington's Wireless USB Docking Station Is the World's First,…

Kensington's just released the world's first Wireless USB universal docking station, conveniently named the Wireless USB Docking Station. The thing suppports five USB devices as well as a DVI monitor, which can then be "attached" wirelessly to your notebook whenever it comes into range. Speaker ports round out the… » 8/18/08 2:40pm 8/18/08 2:40pm

World's First OLED Lamp

We're not sure why someone would want to make an OLED desk lamp at this point in time, what with the technology being relatively new and somewhat expensive right now, but OSRAM Opto Semiconductors and designer Ingo Maurer have done just that. This lamp, called "Early Future", is made up of ten distinct OLED tiles… » 4/07/08 3:45pm 4/07/08 3:45pm

Korean McDonald's Becomes First Restaurant to Offer RFID-Based…

Soon you'll be able to skip the lines at Korean McDonald's. Instead, just sit down, pull out your cellphone and pop in an RFID adapter to place an order. All you need is a phone that is compatible with the RFID adapter and can download the McDonald's ordering application. The idea of a fully autonomous Mickey D's is… » 9/17/07 2:30pm 9/17/07 2:30pm

One Trillion Pixel Image, And It's A Boob

Aperio Technologies has made "the world's first terapixel image". However, it actually consists of one picture copied 225 times—that off cancerous breast tissue. As a digital pathology imaging company, one could interpret the image as Aperio flexing their digital muscle while raising awareness for an (obviously)… » 5/06/07 4:32pm 5/06/07 4:32pm