Tiny Electric Guitar Has Normal-Sized Frets

Behold the smallest electric guitar in the world. Well, it's called the "smallest precision electric guitar available," because even though its body is just 1/6 the size of a normal instrument, its fretboard is the same size as an ordinary guitar. This is not a toy; it has a couple of pickups that can give you your… » 11/16/07 11:15am 11/16/07 11:15am

World's Smallest Radio Is Just Atoms Wide, Still Needs AAA Battery

University of California researcher Chris Rutherglen shows off a radio made of carbon nanotubes, measuring "a few atoms across," that's 1,000 times smaller than today's radio technology. » 10/18/07 4:24pm 10/18/07 4:24pm

The sky's the limit for this stuff: they're already talking smart-dust computing, with meteorological, geophysical, biological and…

Holide HX-2142: World's Smallest DV? Perhaps World's Crappiest, Too

This is probably just a piece of junk, but at least it's small—the Holide HX-2142 digital video recorder and camera is called "the smallest DV in the world." No dimensions are given, but judging from the size of its USB plug, this is truly tiny and thin camcorder that's down to spycam size. » 8/29/06 12:46pm 8/29/06 12:46pm