SanDisk WORM Write-Once SD Cards Can't Be Altered, Last 100 Years

SanDisk has created the first write-once SD memory card after over a year of talking about it. The WORM (Write Once Read Many) cards cannot be altered or deleted and are designed for information that must be kept intact, such as electronic voting records and police work. They are only 128MB for now, but bigger sizes… » 7/15/08 1:25pm 7/15/08 1:25pm

IBM Says Storm Worm Creators Making Millions, Daily

The cunning masterminds behind the Storm worm are apparently rolling in great wealth. The boffins at IBM estimate the worm is netting just under $2 million per day for its creators. The Storm worm's financial success comes from the fact that it has successfully created a massive collection of autonomously running… » 2/10/08 8:20pm 2/10/08 8:20pm