Rumor: Best Buy Dumping 80GB PS3, Will Only Sell 40GB Version

One of the nice things about the Wii is that there's only version to buy. Luckily for Best Buy shoppers in the market for a PS3, they're about to get that same convenience. According to a supposedly leaked internal memo, Best Buy is only going to carry the non-backward-compatible 40GB version of the PS3 as of the end… » 1/24/08 12:50pm 1/24/08 12:50pm

Best Buy Adds "Halo 3 Tax" to Xbox Peripherals

With the Halo 3 ad blitz starting, Best Buy is getting into the excitement in a special way: a price increase that the Internet has already dubbed the "Halo 3 Tax." Probably timed more with the recent Xbox 360 price drop, Best Buy is now listing various peripherals for $3 above MSRP—mostly batteries and charging kits,… » 8/12/07 1:34pm 8/12/07 1:34pm