The Biggest Tech Screw-Ups of 2012

What a year for technology, what with all its tiny tablets and overhauled operating systems. But for every Nexus 7 triumph, a Nexus Q disaster reared its gruesome head. Here are the worst screw-ups the tech industry endured in 2012. Advanced warning: They're not for the faint of heart. » 12/31/12 8:21am 12/31/12 8:21am

The Biggest Tech Disappointments of 2012

Lots of fun, good, and exciting things happened in our world this year. But there were still so many things that could've been truly great, but flopped. Broken promises. Awful gadgets. Here's what broke Gizmodo's heart in 2012. » 12/25/12 11:00am 12/25/12 11:00am

The Year in Hacking

Hackers embarked on a strange voyage this year, beginning with spectacular, chaotic success, and ending with a whimper. We saw Anonymous nosedive from the most feared hacking force in the world to disorganized bench warmers. The dizzying highs, the stupid lows: here are 2012's greatest hacking hits. » 12/11/12 12:00pm 12/11/12 12:00pm