Dealzmodo: Original Robosapien, $29

Toys'r'us has clearanced out the older version of the Robosapien. It originally sold for $100, but they knocked off $70 to bring it down to $30, plus shipping. This toy is fun for all ages, so you older folks shouldn't shy away from a good deal like this. » 1/17/07 12:09pm 1/17/07 12:09pm

RoboBoa Wiggles Its Way Into Our Heart

We first saw and heard about the RoboBoa and the other Wowee animal robots at CES Unveiled a week ago, and here is a video of the device in action. It has a motion sensor, alarm clock and speaker for an iPod. So will it crawl all over my face blaring music to wake me up? If so, that would be awesome. Thanks, Taylor » 1/12/07 6:23pm 1/12/07 6:23pm

Roboquad Crawls Into CES

We've all been waiting to see how the fabled WoWee Roboquad crawls. Now we know. The four-legged bot moves in all directions, has 3 different speeds, and a deep IR scanner to spot movements up to 13 feet away. Its sound sensors are reactive, and it can tell the difference between dark and light. Kind of like the… » 1/06/07 8:57pm 1/06/07 8:57pm

WoWee's Elvis-Bot: Viva Las Vegas!

Elvis lives. WoWee, makers of the Robosapien and Roboquad, showed this singing and talking bust tonight at CES Unveiled. Based on the 1968 Comeback TV special, the King can be set to play his greatest hits or be operated with a microphone. Available this year for $349. » 1/06/07 8:24pm 1/06/07 8:24pm