WowPen Digitizes Your Writings, Drawings

Sure, there are really slick tablets out there meant for artists and graphic designers, but writing on a tablet is still not the same as writing on paper. That's why devices like this unfortunately-named WowPen keep popping up; they want to give people the ability to turn their pen-and-paper drawings into digital… » 1/18/08 2:10pm 1/18/08 2:10pm

Wowpen Anti-Carpal Tunnel Pointer Gets Less Vaporish

Despite seeing the pen at CeBIT in 2006, CES was the first we've heard from Wowpen in nearly a year. The pen looks like a pen, but works like a mouse with either PCs or Macs. » 1/18/07 5:25pm 1/18/07 5:25pm

CeBIT '06: Anti-Carpal Tunnel Wowpen

I'm not going to dump my standard mouse for this, but it's nice for sufferers of carpal-tunnel syndrome. This is a pen-shaped mouse with scroll wheel and two buttons on the front. It was actually very responsive. Although I wasn't able to sign my name with any fidelity, I was able to make curves and circles, which are… » 3/11/06 11:59am 3/11/06 11:59am