Emotiv Headset Controls Rovio Robot Via Brainwaves

You've seen Rovio hackery before, but not like this. Not with MIND CONTROL and Skype both involved. Emotiv Systems' headset is used to control the Rovio, with the signal being carried to the robot over Skype. » 4/26/10 5:38am 4/26/10 5:38am

Ultimate Toy Robot Battlemodo

Everyone wants love, companionship and contact. Those who can't get it from humans can turn to the latest crop of hot toy robots: Wall-E in three sizes, WowWee's Rovio, Femisapien and Mr. Personality, the dino D-Rex, multi-talented Elmo Live and Sony's enchantingly personable Rolly music player. Each exudes a desire to … » 12/09/08 4:00pm 12/09/08 4:00pm

WowWee Rovio Driver App Now Available For the iPhone

If you have enjoyed using the built-in iPhone application on WowWee's three-wheelin' Rovio robot » 11/14/08 6:00pm 11/14/08 6:00pm, then head on over to the App Store because "Rovio Driver" looks like a major upgrade. The free app adds head position / rotation controls and the camera view appears to be much larger than the standard version. Damn, I…

WowWee's Rovio Roving Webcam Detailed in Videos

The Rovio is quite definitely revving up » 9/24/08 4:38am 9/24/08 4:38am for its September 26th launch with a bunch of new promo videos from WowWee. If you weren't already intrigued by the web-controlled roving webcam, then you will be after watching this teaser: it looks like it does a pretty fab job of maneuvering while streaming video and sounds. …

WowWee Rovio Revving Up for Sept 26 Launch

WowWee's awesome three-wheel webcam-enabled robot » 9/16/08 3:00am 9/16/08 3:00am will soon be roving to an e-retailer near you! The Rovio, which features a Northstar GPS system and the ability to be controlled through the internet, cellphones, and even game consoles, can be seen on and pre-ordered for $300 on . The scheduled release date is Sept.…

WowWee Femisapien Fembot Gets Thorough, Semi-Naughty Video Shakedown

As the folks at Robots Rule show in this video, Femisapien is "smart, funny, can dance up a storm and perform skits with you." What a gal. Here we get a demo of just about every feature imaginable, including Fashion Pose mode, Backup Singer mode, Business Card Handout mode—you get the idea. All fine and dandy. And then, … » 7/31/08 2:20pm 7/31/08 2:20pm

WowWee White Tiger Cub Robot Is Unboxed, Unleashed

WowWee, makers of fine programmable robotic toys, is stepping back a bit with the "Alive" series of animatronic beasts sporting realistic skeletons that move according to how much attention they're given. You can't load custom Java code onto this White Tiger Cub though, so if that's your thing, stick with the RoboSapiens » 7/22/08 10:30am 7/22/08 10:30am

The Elvinator: One Man's Quest to Merge Singing Elvis Robot with…

I thought I had seen the last of the WowWee singing Elvis robot last summer when Wilson skinned the thing and gave me nightmares. I was wrong. Instructables user GW Jax has put his Elvinator on display, which combines "The King" with T101, the king of death. » 6/27/08 8:02pm 6/27/08 8:02pm

Insider Vid Shows WowWee Femisapien Fembot Knows All the Moves

The Sega E.M.A. fembot we showed you on the weekend is really the WowWee Femisapien, and WowWee has just popped up a couple of "insider videos" of it in action. They show the cleverer parts of the tech, and get Femisapien doing a little swashbuckling: though the two 'bots are just going through a set of scripted moves,… » 6/18/08 11:00am 6/18/08 11:00am