Woz is Out of the Loop at Apple, and He Likes it That Way

In the final installment of our interview with Apple co-founder/inventor of the personal computer Steve Wozniak, he lets us know some details of his "outsider" status at Apple and why he likes it that way. Does he have all the inside scoops before anyone else? Nope. Does he get the first prototypes of each new… » 5/16/07 2:15pm 5/16/07 2:15pm

Woz's Unique Phone Plus His Love of 3G and GCal

Woz is back, this time to dish on phones. What does he like in phones? What makes a phone worth owning? What phone does he use on a day-to-day basis? Interestingly enough, he's a big fan of 3G phones that are fast enough to stream video. I guess you didn't get the memo, Woz: The iPhone is sorely lacking in the 3G… » 5/15/07 1:05pm 5/15/07 1:05pm

Woz Explains His Sporting of Two of the Geekiest Watches Ever Created

Click to viewWhy would Woz wear a watch on each wrist? And what kinds of watches would a man with his finger on the pulse of the tech industry sport? Not your standard Timex, that's for damned sure. » 5/14/07 1:25pm 5/14/07 1:25pm

Woz Explains Apple Fanboyism

Here's another clip from my interview with Steve Wozniak yesterday. This time, he's talking about what about Apple makes people so fanatical. Sure, I could have asked Blam, but he looks so cute sleeping in his Apple pajamas that I couldn't bear to wake him up. Anyways, Woz is a greater authority on the subject as he… » 5/11/07 12:40pm 5/11/07 12:40pm

Woz Talks iPhone, Sets Our Hearts Aflutter

Click to viewThis morning I was fortunate enough to have a chance to sit down with Steve Wozniak, otherwise known as Woz, king of the geeks. The co-founder of Apple and the father of the personal computer is like Santa with a tech fetish, an incredibly nice guy with lots to say about the future of technology. » 5/10/07 9:40pm 5/10/07 9:40pm