Woz Will Bravely Samba Despite New Hamstring Injury

With this latest news of a pulled hamstring to go along with his fractured foot, Steve Wozniak is starting to resemble the nerd equivalent of Brett Favre on 'Dancing With The Stars.' » 3/23/09 10:30pm 3/23/09 10:30pm

Woz and Kathy Griffin NOTMAYBE Hooked Up?

[UPDATE: I took a pass, noting inconsistencies. - B.L.]Turns out the rumor of Kathy Griffin fondling Woz's apples were a bit off, according to Adario Strange. He's proudly skeptical of the whole thing, pointing to a Page Six post that he claims says the two have never met. But reading the Page Six page actually says… » 8/20/07 5:06pm 8/20/07 5:06pm