GearWrench Electronic Torque Wrench Keeps You From Breaking Stuff

We're aware that most of you Gizmodo readers are blessed with Herculean strength, so here's something just for you: the GearWrench Electronic Torque Wrench, a techno-tool that will keep you from stripping bolts by telling you exactly how hard you're torquing them down. This would go well with those bionic gloves of… » 2/08/07 1:20pm 2/08/07 1:20pm

Gentlemen, We Have the Technology: The Bionic Wrench

Gearheads and grease monkeys everywhere are raving about The Bionic Wrench, a tool that grips a nut or bolt on all six sides, giving you leverage and strength you never knew you had. That means you have 10 to 30 times more contact area than garden-variety wrenches. Plus, the equal pressure on each side of the bolt… » 7/21/06 3:14pm 7/21/06 3:14pm