Bloody Stump Wrist Rests

These bloody hand and foot wrist rests aren't meant to taunt your co-workers with adolescent slasher film humor. Their intention is to honor the many who've fallen, organizing spreadsheets and returning company emails and remind you that, at any time, you could be a mouse click away from clicking no more. Just make…

iPod Shuffle Wrist Strap

If the clip on the iPod Shuffle isn't secure enough to keep the player on your person when you engage in the spastic movements you call jogging, take a look at this iPod Shuffle Wristband. It comes in blue, black, green, frost white, pink and purple, and secures the iPod Shuffle to your wrist in a way that only a…


Cellphone Watch

This watch, the CEC GSM F88, is as ugly as sin but is also probably the coolest thing we've seen all morning. It's got a color display, speakerphone, 3-megapixel camera, and weighs a mere 3.5 ounces. How much is this amaze-o-phone? Try $1,100. Not available here, don't even ask for it. We're not getting it for you.