The Fitbit Force Hands-On: Ahh, This Is More Like It

Fitbit did a lot of things very right when it made the One, its tiny activity-tracking pod. But then the company—caving to peer pressure from the likes of Nike—made the Fitbit Flex wristband. There's nothing wrong with that form-factor, but the Flex lost a lot of the functionality that made the One so great, and it… » 10/10/13 9:00am 10/10/13 9:00am

Sleep Partner Acupuncture Bracelet Is Heavy On Snake Oil, Lacks Needles

As far as we can tell, this watch doesn't actually stab your wrist at all, which is a shame, because anything that advertises itself as an acupuncture bracelet had better be breaking some skin. Which it doesn't, but there's a healthy amount of BS being tossed your way should you put it on and try to use it to get… » 11/23/08 5:00pm 11/23/08 5:00pm

Bluetooth Wristband: Better Than the BlueQ?

This is not the first time we have come across a wristband that alerts you to incoming calls. Some of you may recall the BlueQ from earlier this year. It worked—but not all that well. Could this device, dubbed the LM957, be a better alternative? According to the product site, the LM957 will not only discreetly alert… » 11/30/07 8:00pm 11/30/07 8:00pm