Apple Giving Two Free Episodes to Season Pass Holders, Courtesy of Writers Strike

iTunes Season Pass holders who got hosed by the writers strike when their shows went away are getting a little bit back from Apple. Specifically, every Season Pass holder gets two free episodes worth of store credit, which can be spent on TV shows, music vids or short films. Naturally, if a season didn't finish… »3/18/08 8:30pm3/18/08 8:30pm


Striking Writers Form Online Video Company Visual Artists, I Still Want New "Heroes"

Led by the writer of Air Bud (that bodes well), a large posse of out-of-work WGAers is looking to launch the online video company, Visual Arists, later this year with over $30 million in funding with Silicon Valley types. Supposedly a bunch of A-listers are on board, which gives small hope that they punch out fare… »1/14/08 10:45am1/14/08 10:45am

The Daily Show and Colbert Report Return Jan. 7, Sans Striking Writers

Like late-night white knights, Jon Stewart and Colbert are returning to save us from rerun/reality TV/web purgatory on Jan. 7—the news has been the exact same for weeks, right? But they won't have an army of writers to make sure every word out of their mouth kills, so we'll see just how much funny naturally spills out… »12/21/07 6:00pm12/21/07 6:00pm

Producers Say the Strike Has Cost Writers $106 Million...and Counting

The Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers has a fun new flash widget on their site with a running tally of how much income the writers have dropped into a black hole since the strike started. Right now, it's at about $106 million. Kind of a dick move if you ask us, since producers trying to screw writers »12/12/07 7:20pm12/12/07 7:20pm

$250 Flat Fee Producers Offer Writers Guild for Internet Distribution Is Way Lame, Still Screws Writers

The Writers Guild strike languishes on: Heroes ends for the year next week. In a bid to end our suffering, the producers' trade group has made a "groundbreaking" offer to the Writers Guild, grandiosely titled the "New Economic Partnership." The deal's a mind-blowing less-than $250 flat fee for an hour-long show to be… »11/30/07 6:30pm11/30/07 6:30pm