Titanic DNA Fountain Pens Made With Real Wreckage

Last year we brought you news that designers Romain Jerome were making wristwatches out of parts acquired from Titanic herself, and now they're doing it again, this time with a fountain pen. The Titanic DNA pen has a steel band made from genuine wreck-salvaged rusty metal mixed with other steel from the shipyards that… » 5/18/08 4:30pm 5/18/08 4:30pm

Peg Pencil the Bastard Son of a, Yep, You Got It, Clothes Peg and a, Soz, Pencil

This retractable pencil, by Yuta Watanabe, is very Muji, if you ask me. Yuta's amusing yet functional design should have no problem finding its way onto the desk of architects, creatives, the odd eco-freako and, of course, washerwomen whose unemployment, thanks to electric clothes dryers, has meant they have had to… » 2/15/08 8:47am 2/15/08 8:47am