Mossberg Keeps On Dreaming of a Phone Revolution

Mossy's column today is a remix of his Wireless Telcos as Soviet ministries joke, told first in a June 2005 column. He complains about phone companies locking handsets to carriers, and making them lame little pocket convenience stores for ringtones, and so on (my words). The timepeg is Apple's new promise of a software … » 10/22/07 1:51pm 10/22/07 1:51pm

Mossberg Reviews the iPod touch

Mossy reviews the touch, and finds that the battery life was only 4 hours while playing video, short of our own touch experience that lasted over 6 hours. The money quote is when he calls Apple out for removing features and apps that the iPhone has, unnecessarily: » 9/19/07 11:33pm 9/19/07 11:33pm

Before he closes with approval, he verifies that the …