A Jagerbomb That Explodes When You Drop in the Shot Is a Much More Awesome Drink

Jagerbombs are awful and gross and taste like medicine and don’t really deserve to exist after you grow up. Explosions are awesome and cool and need to happen more in your life as you get old (the highly controlled, non-violent, and fun sort of explosions, of course). So the logical thing to do is to turn Jagerbombs…


Watch Six Bulldozers Battle Each Other on the Streets of China in the Craziest Fight Ever

This is madness. Like, seriously what in the hell is going on. In northern China, multiple bulldozers apparently got so mad at each other that they started one of the craziest demolition derbies I’ve ever seen on a public road. It’s a legitimate royal rumble between heavy machinery. There are normal cars on the street…

Watching a Truck Towing a Boat Drive Over a Flimsy Wooden Bridge Is So Stressful

I don’t know if these wooden planks can be considered a bridge or if they just constitute a poorly made death trap but I know that I wouldn’t even want to walk on the thing. And yet, this guy drives a truck that’s towing a boat over it! Nervousness alone would make me crash it right into the water below, destroying…

I Can't Tell If This Certifiably Insane Tank Design Is Serious Or Not

The craziest high-tech innovation to hit the battlefield in ages boasts millimeters-thick sheet metal, black powder time bombs, battering-blades and a heavy armament of bottle rockets. No—it isn’t the advanced replacement to the M1 Abrams battle tank, it’s the Ghanaian Kantanka and it’s laughably terrifying.