What's Eating Florida? These Six Voracious Species

Just in case Florida didn't have enough going against it already (looking at you Florida Man), the state that everybody loves to hate is currently being invaded. No, not by Cuba—by a variety of non-native plants and animals that are wreaking environmental havoc and causing billions of dollars in damage. These are six… »1/28/14 10:20am1/28/14 10:20am

Orlando's Orwellian Surveillance Cameras Bust Guy Smoking and Eating Weed on a Corner

Everyone knows if you're smoking weed and you think the cops are coming, the best thing for you to do is just eat the evidence. Super Troopers taught us that much. Except it doesn't work if you live in the police state known as Orlando and there are cameras watching you, 29-year-old Joe Haywood recently learned. »8/29/12 4:40pm8/29/12 4:40pm

Brazen Alcoholic Gets a DUI On a Stolen Motorized Wheelchair

If you steal someone's motorized wheelchair to go for a joyride, you're sick—Or maybe just completely drunk like this guy. How drunk was Richard Kulma when he was busted? Three times the legal limit drunk. So too blacked out to walk let alone operate so much as a can opener. Look at this police dash cam footage in the… »6/08/12 12:40pm6/08/12 12:40pm