N.O.R.E Featuring Styles P and Raekwon: Google That

Dropping today is N.O.R.E.s "Google That," one of the most memorable tech references in recent rap memory since Rick Ross said he was "selling dope straight off the iPhone." Watch out though, because it might get stuck in your head with a chorus that repeats the phrase synonymous with Internet search more dozens of… » 4/26/12 9:20pm 4/26/12 9:20pm

Ghostface Killah's Iron Man Cameo Finally Sees the Light Of Day

Click to view » 8/16/08 10:00am 8/16/08 10:00am When Ghostface Killah aka Pretty Toney aka Tony Starks popped up on IMDB with a cameo in as an arms dealer in Dubai, we rejoiced. When we saw the movie and realized there was no Ghost, we were saddened. But now here he is, all 10 seconds of him (skip to the halfway point). He's around just long enough…