Lightning Review: Kensington's Wireless USB Universal Docking Station…

The Gadget: » 9/17/08 1:50pm 9/17/08 1:50pm Kensington's new docking station is the first to offer wireless USB connectivity. A DVI external monitor (DVI-to-VGA adapter included) and up to five peripherals spring to life when your WUSB-enabled laptop PC comes within a 15 foot range. $219–$230 I'll be dammed—it works. If you are one of the few…

NEC Wireless USB Prototype Just As Fast As USB 2.0

Wireless USB has finally begun to match regular USB 2.0 speeds, making our inevitable launch into a life untethered by the confines of copper and rubber cabling all the more forthcoming. At the Fall 2008 Intel Developer Forum, NEC unveiled a WUSB prototype that transfers at speeds of 200Mbits per second. The company… » 8/23/08 2:00pm 8/23/08 2:00pm

Silex WUSB Device Server Gives You Pseudo Wireless USB

The Silex SX-2000WG USB Device Server is a nifty little gadget with a ridiculously long title. The WUSB will allow you to network your USB dependent peripherals wirelessly, they can then be reached via any computer on your WLAN. It is both Windows and Mac compatible, and works by utilizing software that emulates a… » 1/26/08 4:20pm 1/26/08 4:20pm

Wireless USB For Cameras Will Transfer 1GB in 30 Seconds

No one ever did master the art of sending photos from your camera to your PC wirelessly, but now a semiconductor company by the name of Artimi is hoping to give the concept another shot. They're working on a wireless USB technology that, with the aid of a USB dongle, would let you transfer up to 1GB of photos from… » 2/01/07 7:44pm 2/01/07 7:44pm

Share USB Devices Between Two Computers With the MultiSwitch

MultiSwitch, the first USB "Hub" that allows two machines to share one USB device, should be available in stores some time in early 2007. Why should this matter to you? Well, with MultiSwitch you can share printers, USB hard drives, card readers, fingerprint scanners, and whatever other USB devices you can think of… » 12/20/06 3:00pm 12/20/06 3:00pm