Abandoned World War II Bunkers Provide a Haunting Look Into the Past

The artifacts of history's greatest wars are strewn everywhere around Europe, and fewer are more visible than the remains of concrete World War II bunkers. Jonathan Andrew has been photographing these sites since 2009. » 6/06/14 5:41pm 6/06/14 5:41pm

Watch This Fiery American WW2 Bomb Exploding In Munich Yesterday

Put up your headphones and pump up the volume, because you need to hear the sound while watching this American 550-pound (250 kilogram) bomb exploding in Munich, Germany. Can you imagine thousands of these falling and exploding all over the city? Hell on Earth. » 8/29/12 11:18am 8/29/12 11:18am

Detailed Graphic Shows Every British Navy Ship Lost In World War II

I just love these old school visualizations: here are all the ships lost by the British Navy during World War II. Many of these were hunt down by Nazi U-Boats. It's a staggering amount but it could have been a lot worse. » 5/21/12 10:43am 5/21/12 10:43am

This 1.8-Ton WW2 Bomb Could Have Destroyed a German City Today

45,000 people had to be evacuated after two extremely dangerous bombs were found in the Rhine River, 65 years after they were dropped by British and American planes. » 12/04/11 12:45pm 12/04/11 12:45pm

The Letter a Soldier Wrote to His Son On Hitler's Stationery

The Washington Post has highlighted some of the pieces at a new exhibit in the CIA's headquarters in Langley, Virginia. The most striking one is this one: a letter written by Lieutenant Richard Helms on Hitler's stationery. » 11/01/11 6:40pm 11/01/11 6:40pm

Not a Step Back: Images from World War 2's Brutal Eastern Front

The Allies ultimately won World War 2, of course, but at great cost. Nowhere is this more true than the great 1,000-mile Eastern Front, where German and Soviet forces mixed battle, bloodshed and war crimes in equal mix. » 9/18/11 10:00pm 9/18/11 10:00pm

P-51 Mustang Collides and Crashes Over England

This is rather sad: A P-51 Mustang—one of the most beautiful airplanes in history—was destroyed after colliding with a Douglas A-1 Skyraider over the skies of England. » 7/11/11 12:49pm 7/11/11 12:49pm

World War 2 Bombing Runs Changed the Weather Over England

According to scientists, climate change is real. Humans have, are and will continue to affect this planet's weather with their CO2 shenanigans. This includes WW2, where there was a demonstrable human-created invention that had a measurable impact on the weather. » 7/10/11 6:00pm 7/10/11 6:00pm

Scenes from Before the Second World War

Much is known of what happened during World War 2, but what of the actions of the Axis and Allies in the decade before? The most recent In Focus photography selection answers that question and then some. » 6/19/11 8:00pm 6/19/11 8:00pm

Photoshop Time Traveling Into World War II Ghost Dimension (Part Two)

Here's a new series of eerie World War II ghost photos by Russian photographer Sergey Larenkov, made to celebrate last week's Europe V-day. Like previous ones, this gallery of photos is both disturbing and fascinating at the same time. » 5/16/11 5:00pm 5/16/11 5:00pm

Sixty Five Years Ago, America Successfully Launched the Nazis' Favorite…

The V-2 rocket terrorized the denizens of London throughout the end of World War II. The weapon, built by slave labor, struck the city over a thousand times, killing and injuring several thousand. After the war, it became America's toy. » 5/10/11 7:18pm 5/10/11 7:18pm

Photoshop Opens Time Portals Into a World War II Ghost Dimension

Russian photographer Sergey Larenkov took some old photographs from World War II and combined them with new perspective-matching photos. The result are a series of time portals that help us contextualize the war into our current reality. » 7/30/10 1:00am 7/30/10 1:00am

Travel Back to 1943 and Witness WWII Through Google Earth

Google Earth's historical imagery feature has a new batch of pictures. You can now witness how some cities looked in the middle of World War II and compare them to the places you may live in today. » 2/04/10 10:40pm 2/04/10 10:40pm

World War 2 Japanese Super-Submarine Found In Hawaii

According to Dr Hans Van Tillburg, "[the I-201 submarine] was nothing like anybody had in the Second World War. It had a streamlined body and conning tower and retractable gun." They just found it in Hawaii. » 11/18/09 3:54pm 11/18/09 3:54pm

Calling All Wannabe Dr. Evil's: Super Secret London Tunnel Lair For Sale

Last Sunday we were writing about amazing underground diving rigs in the heart of New York City. It seems only fair that we jump across the pond this Sunday and write about a mile-long super secret tunnel lair below London that's currently for sale, don't you think? Asking price: A cool $7.4 million. It sounds a bit… » 11/30/08 12:00pm 11/30/08 12:00pm

Bulova Watch Lost at Sea During WW2 Reunited with Owner After 67 Years,…

A Royal Navy veteran has been reunited with his watch, 67 years after he lost it during World War II—and, it worked perfectly. In 1941, Teddy Bacon, a lieutenant aboard HMS Repulse, was throwing a line from ship to shore when the gold Bulova watch, bought in the Azores for $55, slipped off his wrist and into… » 6/09/08 6:45am 6/09/08 6:45am

Colossus Back to Crack Codes After a 60-Year Absence

Colossus, the code-breaking computer used to decipher German messages during World War Two, has been put back together. Over six decades after the 10 truck-sized devices were dismantled, one has been rebuilt. Today, two teams of code-breakers, one using the Colossus, another using modern technology, are going… » 11/15/07 5:36am 11/15/07 5:36am