The Ars and Giz WWDC Party Was a Good Time

Things went well last night at the Giz and Ars WWDC party. So well, I woke up a little late this morning. If you came, thank you for making it an event full of wonderful, beautiful people. Yes, you too, mysterious ponytail man wearing an Apple shirt! All 7 of you. I met lots of great devs, but there were some people I… » 6/11/08 3:44pm 6/11/08 3:44pm

WWDC Keynote In 60 Seconds

While I'm, of course, a little partial to my own recent Apple keynote mash-up, this clip is an excellent summary of WWDC 2008 in 60 seconds (or just enough time to turn up those speakers while the boss is in the bathroom). I was there and actually remembered some moments I'd forgotten, so it's probably worth a fanboy… » 6/11/08 10:20am 6/11/08 10:20am

Steve Jobs Looked Thinner Than Usual at WWDC—So What?

One of the first things we noticed when Steve Jobs came out on stage was that he was noticeably thinner than he was in previous events. We were vaguely concerned since he's had a recent history of what could be considered pretty severe health problems, but it looks like it's just a "common bug" says Apple PR. At age… » 6/10/08 11:00pm 6/10/08 11:00pm

iPhone 3G in Black or White?

While not all of us at Giz (read: none) like the white iPhone 3G, I'm sure some of you might. So feel free to vote for your favorite non-color here. Not like it matters. Hit it, MJ! » 6/10/08 10:39pm 6/10/08 10:39pm

Tonight: Have a Drink on Giz and Ars Technica at WWDC 2008

Hey there. We're throwing a WWDC party with our BFFs at Ars Technica tonight. So if you're going to be at WWDC as a reader, developer, journalist or just another fanboy, I'd like to invite you to come have a beer on us. Hope you can make it. » 6/10/08 3:21pm 6/10/08 3:21pm

Steve Jobs Explains OS X Snow Leopard in Three Easy Steps

The NY Times has a good interview with Steve Jobs in which Apple's CEO lets fly with very quotable, very understandable quotes about OS X 10.6. We already heard the details, but it was still hard to wrap our head around why Apple would make an operating system without many visible features and just go and change… » 6/10/08 3:03pm 6/10/08 3:03pm

iPhone 3G Rumor Accuracy Check: We Were Right(ish)!

Last Friday, we rounded up and judged the most colorful iPhone 3G rumors floating around the tubes. Now that Steve has spilled the beans, I bet you're curious as to how accurate our thinking was. Turns out we were pretty much on target with our verdicts. » 6/10/08 11:40am 6/10/08 11:40am

"iPhone 3G" FCC Application Hints at Potential Apple "Smartphone"

Washington D.C. (Agencies) - Confidential FCC documents unearthed today by internet blog Intomobile point out at the possibility of Apple releasing a new secret device which some experts think could be a "smartphone." The new gadget—which was submitted for FCC approval in June 1, 2008—apparently has a big "touch"… » 6/10/08 7:10am 6/10/08 7:10am

Apple Says White Is Cool Again... But Is It?

In an otherwise surprise-free keynote today, one without booms or "one more thing"s, one bit of news stood out: White made a quiet return to the iPod family in the premium 16GB iPhone 3G. Sure, it never fully left Apple—remaining the default color for earbuds, plugs, power bricks, AirPort products and the cheapest… » 6/09/08 7:37pm 6/09/08 7:37pm

Full Stevenote Video Online Now

In case our liveblog didn't make you feel enough like you were there, you can get a step closer or (just re-live the glory) with the freshly posted video of the entire Stevenote. [Apple] » 6/09/08 6:49pm 6/09/08 6:49pm

Mac OS 10.6 Snow Leopard Revealed: Multi-Core Optimized, GPU Lovin' OS…

Yep, you heard right: Apple showed off the OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, due out in a year, to the attendees at WWDC, and let some details slip to the public, including:

• Optimization for multi-core processors

• GPU friendly (actually GPU utilization of highly parallel tasks generally done on a CPU)

• Supports… » 6/09/08 6:37pm 6/09/08 6:37pm

3G iPhone Hands On

Click to viewIn my hand, the 3G iPhone is lighter, fits better, and noticeably thinner feeling as it doesn't have the same squarish shape. (You won't notice that it is thicker at all.) I made a call with it, side by side with my 1st generation iPhone, and the reception is noticeably better as well. I can't even… » 6/09/08 5:50pm 6/09/08 5:50pm

iPhone 3G Pricing and Activation Details: $30 Unlimited Data, Activated…

Click to viewWe just talked to AT&T's President of National Distribution Glenn Lurie, who gave us all the pricing and activation details for the iPhone 3G, which won't be getting special treatment anymore. It will be using all AT&T's standard voice and data plans, which means $30 for unlimited 3G data for consumers,… » 6/09/08 5:36pm 6/09/08 5:36pm

The 3G iPhone Is Official, July 11th Starting at $199

Click to viewJust now at WWDC, Steve Jobs confirmed the long-rumored iPhone 3G, which is what he actually called it. It hits stores in the US and over 70 other countries on July 11th. Here it will costs $199 for the 8GB version, and $299 for the 16GB one (in black and white).

» 6/09/08 4:20pm 6/09/08 4:20pm

Video: iPhone 3G Ad Reveals Apple's Secret-Keeping Protocols

Did anyone else let out a Darth Vader scream when Steve said July 11? Sorry to mix movie metaphors here, but the new commercial makes me want to go all Mission: Impossible Tom Cruise and break into Apple's high-security bunker, dangling from a rope above a grid of lasers to snatch it early, because July 11 is soooo… » 6/09/08 3:27pm 6/09/08 3:27pm

Video: iPhone GPS, Live Tracking, Traffic, and Geotagging

The 3G iPhone's second most persistently rumored and desired feature (or not), GPS is built in for location service hotness, which Steve says is "gonna explode." Location data comes from a combo of cell towers, Wi-Fi and GPS. Google Maps is still the default interface. Wilson says that's it's probable Telenav will… » 6/09/08 2:40pm 6/09/08 2:40pm

Confirmed: Mac OS 10.6 Is Snow Leopard

Click to viewOS 10.6 is called Snow Leopard, straight from Steve's mouth. Developers will get their first peek "after lunch." What about poor bloggers? [WWDC08 @ Giz] » 6/09/08 1:15pm 6/09/08 1:15pm

Apple WWDC Liveblog Coverage

Click to viewWe're at Moscone Center now, and the place is buzzing. If you want this in another language, click on one of Gizmodo's international affiliates above-you know, those little letters in top right corner of the homepage. They're simultaneously liveblogging this in their native languages. Our liveblog is… » 6/09/08 12:30pm 6/09/08 12:30pm

BoingBoing Gadgets Apple Keynote Song: "The Apple Store is Down"

Joel gave me a preview of this song, written about Apple product launches, a few months ago. It's even better in its final form. "Best not make any plans today. The Apple store is down, new shit is on its way." Give it a listen! [Boing Boing Gadgets] » 6/09/08 12:57am 6/09/08 12:57am