Why is Apple Trading Boom for Bada Bing, Bada Bing, Bada Bing?

Emo fanboy-ism can turn abruptly the other direction on occasion. Apple found that out this week as some declared this Monday's WWDC Keynote the worst ever, and that it signified the beginning of something bad for Cupertino. Some humorously found a way to blame it on Microsoft, yet again. (Poor Billy.) » 6/15/07 1:23pm 6/15/07 1:23pm

Speculation Smashed: No ZFS in Leopard

There was a reason ZFS wasn't named-checked as one of Leopard's 10 (not so) new features at WWDC 07—despite declarations by Sun's CEO, Jonathan Schwartz, yesterday Apple denied ZFS's presence in Leopard. Put another way by Brian Croll, senior director of product marketing for OS X: "ZFS is not happening." Ouch. » 6/12/07 2:15pm 6/12/07 2:15pm

Haven't you heard? Apple WWDC Is Today!

This post may be intended for the three Giz readers who didn't know Steve Jobs was going to give a keynote speech in San Francisco today at Apple's World Wide Developers Convention. I am ensconced just a block away, and will soon join the throng as it crowds in close to hear... » 6/11/07 11:00am 6/11/07 11:00am

WWDC Banners, iPhone Ad Edit All Show Absolutely Nothing

Hey there. Can't wait for the show on Monday. WWDC 2007. The keynote will be at 10am, PST, on Monday the 11th. Here's a pre show edition of the Apple non-news.
WWDC banners show stars, moons, galaxies, even. But no Apple hardware. Like always.
•The mysterious 12th app pushing down the original 11th in the iPhone… » 6/07/07 12:52pm 6/07/07 12:52pm

Apple's WWDC Details (It's For Developers, Really)

For consumers who are trying to get a whole bunch of new products and details out of Apple's WWDC event in June, let us just warn you now. You'll be disappointed. The WWDC is for Apple developers as GDC is for game developers, which means iPod and hardware launches are unlikely. Then again, the iPhone could be making a … » 3/20/07 4:30pm 3/20/07 4:30pm