Apple Maps Is Coming to Your Desktop and Calendar's Losing Its Leather

Apple Maps is getting a pretty little desktop client in the new OSX Mavericks. The desktop client includes the same (steadily improving) offering of 3D-flyover views, and provides you with information cards as you skirt around different locations. And once you find your destination on the desktop, you can shunt it… » 6/10/13 1:52pm 6/10/13 1:52pm

Tim Cook Isn't Steve Jobs—So What?

Apple's CEO Tim Cook should be happy. Yesterday's Apple show-n-tell was the most important since the original iPad's introduction—an action-packed gangbang of hot new hardware and shiny software updates, rather than the snooze fests that were starting to become the norm even when Steve Jobs was on stage. » 6/12/12 1:00pm 6/12/12 1:00pm

What Apple Didn't Announce Yesterday—And Why It Matters

Apple dropped a lot of shiny new products and some gorgeous software to drool over at yesterday's action-packed WWDC keynote. Among them, a beautiful new retina display MacBook Pro, refreshed MacBook Airs, Mountain Lion OS X, and iOS 6, along with a few other goodies that didn't necessarily warrant an explicit… » 6/12/12 10:53am 6/12/12 10:53am

Are iMac and Mac Pro Redesigns in Our Future, After All?

Today was like an Apple ChristmaHanuKwanzaakah, with a bounty of dreamy new machines and upgrades unveiled in all their slim, retina-displaying, functionally superior glory. Not included among the redesign group, however, were the iMac and the Mac Pro (though Mac Pro did get a quiet, unannounced internal upgrade, in… » 6/11/12 10:40pm 6/11/12 10:40pm

WWDC Smackdown: Who Apple Hit Hardest Today

Apple announced so much great new stuff today, and Tim Cook walked away looking too fine and fancy. But not everyone else left in such good shape. Apple threw plenty of haymakers at its biggest competitors; here are the Manny Pacquiaos* of WWDC 2012. » 6/11/12 5:52pm 6/11/12 5:52pm

Apple's New iOS 6 Maps Are Powered by TomTom

Apple's got a whole new in-house maps platform, kicking Google Maps to the curb. Apple's even doing all its own cartography. It's just not doing alllll of the work itself. According to some screens that have turned up in the new Maps (which we've confirmed), TomTom is powering a large portion of the app. » 6/11/12 5:39pm 6/11/12 5:39pm

iOS 6 vs. Ice Cream Sandwich: The Ultimate Comparison

iOS 6 is coming soon(ish) to an iPhone and iPad near you. But how does Apple's latest and greatest compare to the latest and greatest out of the Android camp, a.k.a. Ice Cream Sandwich. Gladiators, step forth! » 6/11/12 5:08pm 6/11/12 5:08pm

WWDC 2012: Apple Had a Pretty Amazing Day

Well that was something. Apple unloaded a metric ton of hardware and software at the WWDC keynote today. New supermodel MacBook Pros, software upgrades everywhere, so many peripherals and updates that some didn't even get mentioned—it was all pretty overwhelming. Here are the most important bits from today's deluge. » 6/11/12 5:00pm 6/11/12 5:00pm

Apple Magsafe 2 Adapter: Pay $10 to Stick One Magnet to Another Magnet

It's somewhat understandable that Apple had to redesign the Magsafe adapter, considering the engineering wizardry they pulled off with the Next-Gen MacBook Pro. But to use an Apple display or older MacBook power adapter to charge your next-gen MacBook Pro or new MacBook Air, you'll need to kickdown $10 for this little… » 6/11/12 4:09pm 6/11/12 4:09pm

The Mac Pro Is Half-Dead: Apple Has Kind of Updated One of Its Most…

Apple defied expectations by introducing an updated Mac Pro today. But it didn't warrant a mention at the WWDC keynote, which falls in line with the earlier indication that Apple would kill it off. While this is the first refresh the super-powerful computer of choice of creative professionals has gotten in two years,… » 6/11/12 3:25pm 6/11/12 3:25pm

Apple Has Its Own Killer Maps with Turn-by-Turn Navigation, 3D, and…

As expected, Apple just announced its own in-house mapping platform at WWDC. Apple is doing all of the cartography itself, instead of Using Google Maps, or pulling from an open source format like OpenStreetMap. » 6/11/12 2:39pm 6/11/12 2:39pm