The Air Force's Mysterious Space Plane Has Been in Orbit For a Whole…

The Air Force's secretive X-37B space plane gets more mysterious by the day. Designed to spend up to nine months on unspecified errands in Earth's orbit, the second copy of the Boeing-made craft, known as Orbital Test Vehicle 2, has now been in space for a year and two days - and is still going strong. The endurance… » 3/07/12 7:43am 3/07/12 7:43am

USAF Military Shuttle Is Chasing China's Space Station In Orbit

According to observations published in Spaceflight Magazine, the United States Air Force may be spying on Tiangong-1—China's first space stationfrom orbit. Seems reasonable: China is steadily advancing towards their goal and the US may want to know what they're doing. » 1/06/12 7:42am 1/06/12 7:42am

Video of the First Military Shuttle Landing

Watch as X-37B—the unmanned military space shuttle operated by the U.S. Air Force—zooms through a runway at Vandenberg Air Force Base, California, in fantastic FLIR thermal-o-vision. Then, watch USAF people take care of it in special suits. » 12/03/10 8:00pm 12/03/10 8:00pm

Amateur Astronomers Spot Super Secret X-37B Space Shuttle Replacement

Remember the X-37B, that super-secret unmanned U.S. military space shuttle replacement no one knows anything about? Bad news, chickenhawks—it's most likely just a nonlethal high-flyin' spy plane. Weird news? Amateur astronomers totally know where it is right now. » 5/23/10 10:00am 5/23/10 10:00am

Air Force to Launch Military Orbital Spaceplane

The USAF and Boeing will launch the X-37B-the first military orbital space plane if you discount the secret military shuttle-on top of an Atlas V rocket in November. They want to test its flying features in space and during atmospheric reentry. And probably its anti-matter rays and nuclear bays and hyperspace engines… » 7/30/08 6:15am 7/30/08 6:15am