How the movie Frozen should have ended (Spoiler: Elsa joins the X-Men)

All anyone ever wanted to talk about for the past few months has been Frozen. It's so fun! The songs are so good! We want to lip sync them! Disney Animation is better than Pixar now! And so on and so on. Was it really that good, guys? HISHE thinks it could have better. Or at least, different with this alternate ending… » 4/14/14 8:02pm 4/14/14 8:02pm

Thank God They Didn't Use These Early Movie Character Concepts

When you've grown up with a movie since you were a kid, its characters can seem just as close and familiar to you as your own family. Maybe even more so, since they're frozen in time. Which is why these early concept images of some of our most iconic cinematic friends are so jarring. That is not the Chewy we're… » 7/31/13 1:04pm 7/31/13 1:04pm

Meet X-Men: Days of Future Past‘s Sentinel (or at least its head)

Trask Industries didn't have a booth inside San Diego Comic-Con, but that didn't stop the company from unveiling the head of its new Sentinel prototype outside the convention center! The feared mutant-hunting robots look different from the comic incarnations, but they still look pretty damn intimidating. » 7/18/13 2:31pm 7/18/13 2:31pm