XM's XpressRC Features Color Screen, Preset Channels, Instant Replay

In spite of having hardware partners, XM still develops its products in-house, which explains why every XM product has the same basic look and feel. The XpressRC, technically from Delphi, marries the color screen you've seen on the Samsung Helix/Pioneer Inno product with the XpressR-style split screen for browsing… » 8/13/07 2:08am 8/13/07 2:08am

Dealzmodo: AudioVox Xpress XM Receiver, $6 AR

Baseball season is going strong (go Rangers!) and there is no way to catch all of the games unless you have XM (or one of those insanely overpriced TV packages). Buy.com has the AudioVox Xpress XM receiver for $6 after $54 of instant savings and a $30 mail-in rebate. The rebate is only valid for new subscribers. The… » 5/08/07 4:20pm 5/08/07 4:20pm

Sansa Xpress One-ups The iPod Shuf...Oh Wait

Sansa's Xpress USB-stick player is like what the first-gen iPod Shuffle should have been. There's 1GB of memory, a small (but EXISTENT) screen, playback controls, 15-hour battery life, and microSD expansion all for just $59.99. Not bad for a flash-player. » 1/22/07 8:15pm 1/22/07 8:15pm