New Airport Screening Method May Finally End the Absurd Liquid Ban

It looks like the days of shampoo bottles striking fear into the hearts of airport security everywhere might be numbered. Thanks to Los Alamos scientists, a new type of detection technology could give airports the tools they need to finally tell if a liquid is a potential threat—all with one simple scan. » 11/25/13 4:00pm 11/25/13 4:00pm

The Feds Say That Two Guys Made an X-Ray Weapon to Sicken People

In an attempt to "secretly sicken opponents of Israel" and presumably star as the bad guys in a barely believable action movie, two guys from New York have been accused by the FBI of assembling a portable X-Ray weapon that would shoot lethal doses of radiation. Seriously. They were going to sell it to Jewish… » 6/19/13 11:21pm 6/19/13 11:21pm

Microsoft's Kinect Can See Inside Your Skull With Its Almost X-Ray…

Kinect's potential for gaming might not have been thaaaat great, but its applications for other things, like cheating at pool and medicine, have been pretty impressive. The team at Microsoft Research Cambridge, for instance, have rigged one up to peek inside skulls and look at brains with kindasorta x-ray vision. » 3/09/13 6:00pm 3/09/13 6:00pm

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Amazon's X-Ray for Movies Knows What You're Watching—And Who's In It

So this feels like the future: Amazon's X-Ray for Movies can tell what flick you're watching on your Kindle Fire HD, and gives you every piece of information you could ever want about it every time you pause. Pretty incredible stuff. » 9/06/12 2:43pm 9/06/12 2:43pm