Cool new X-Wing Mark II revealed in new Star Wars VII video

A new J. J. Abrams' Star Wars VII video shows a new version of the X-Wing starfighter. It may look like a Z-95 Headhunter because it doesn't appear to have the classic s-foils that open to give it it's X attack shape, but this official tweet says it's the real thing. So, ladies and gentlenerds, behold the X-wing Mark… » 7/21/14 9:39am 7/21/14 9:39am

X-Wing Red Five Is Most Detailed Model Ever

This is the biggest and most accurate X-Wing model since the movies. In fact, each of the thousand units made from resin, aluminum and LEDs were created from a digitally-scanned original Red 5 miniature body. Update: EFX Collectibles has sent us amazing high definition pictures so you can see all the amazing detail. » 12/09/08 10:04am 12/09/08 10:04am

X-WIng Sled is Porkins' Transport of Choice in Tahoe

We've had X-Wing Fighters that go up and down; here's an X-Wing that just goes down. The venue was Minneapolis' Powderhorn Park, and the event was Minneapolis' annual Art Sled rally. Photographer Tony Nelson took pictures of the day, including a rather spanky la-la double robot one, which you can see below, alongside… » 2/20/08 9:16am 2/20/08 9:16am

Video: The Rocket-Powered X-Wing's Flight...and Death

Click to viewYou might have seen the liftoff, but here's a video of the day we spent in the desert, awaiting the first (and explosively final) launch of the 1/2 scaled rocket-powered X-Wing fighter. I cried a little when it went down. (Turn up the volume, there's some good dialog drowned out by the din of burning… » 10/08/07 7:08pm 10/08/07 7:08pm