Suunto X10 GPS Watch is Basically Perfect for Tomb Raiding

Suunto »8/21/08 10:30am8/21/08 10:30am has just added to its range of GPS watches with the new X10, but this gizmo doesn't just do navigation and time-telling. It's also got an altimeter function, barometer, digital compass and thermometer: Exactly the sort of equipment any self-respecting tomb raider would find darn useful.Even better, the X10 has…

Klipsch Image X5 Earbuds Are 2mm Bigger Than Smallest Earbuds

These Klipsch Image X5 are the follow-up to the original Klipsch Image headphones, which were the smallest in-canal earbuds ever. The originals are now X10s (top), which are 2mm smaller than the slightly beefier X5s (bottom). The buds still have Contour Ear Gels and noise isolation, but cost $250 as opposed to the… »6/04/08 5:00pm6/04/08 5:00pm