LG X110 Feels Solid, Fast, Is Netbook with Capital N

I groped and used the LG X110 netbook for some time here at IFA. As Mark pointed out » 8/31/08 3:12pm 8/31/08 3:12pm, this is the first netbook where "net" actually means something else: direct 3G network access without additions. The Good: The LG X110 felt solid and compact in my hands, heavier than I expected for such size. Good hard plastic…

LG X110, A Netbook That's Actually Ready for the Net

While Wi-Fi is nice, what mini-notebooks need to reach their potential (and be more functional than the average smartphone) is 3G data. The LG X110 appears to be a pretty standard 8.9" mini-note, but it's packing HSDPA so you can browse [fill in crude meme of choice] almost anywhere. In addition to the wireless data,… » 8/28/08 9:25am 8/28/08 9:25am