Lenovo Thinkpad X200 Tablet, 12 Inches of Touchtasticness

Lenovo's X200 tablet isn't the best kept secret, but it's a nice looking convertible laptop now that we have the full specs. At 3.5lbs, the configurable tablet features a 12.1" touchscreen (in pen or finger input options) Core 2 Duo processors up to 1.86GHz supported by 4GB of RAM, and available upgrades to 128MB SSD,… »9/18/08 6:00pm9/18/08 6:00pm

Lenovo Webstore Mistake Makes X200's 128GB SSD Option Cheaper Than 80GB HD

Get your orders in now, because you won't see a 128 GB SSD going for these prices, well, anywhere for several years-yet alone inside the tasty 12.1" Thinkpad X200. Yes, you're seeing it correctly-that's subtract $70 from the total, which comes to $1,434 with the mistake. Also notice the 64 GB SSD going for a… »8/05/08 8:40am8/05/08 8:40am