AMD X3 Tri-Core Processor Reviewed (Verdict: Get a Quad-Core Chip)

Maximum PC has reviewed AMD's tri-core 2.4GHz Phenom X3 8750 CPU. It performs like you'd expect—in between quad and dual cores. Fine, but it's $195. You can pick up AMD's top quad core, the X4 9850 for only $235, or Intel's Q6600 (which mercilessly beat down the X4 9850 in benchmarks) for $224 now, or hell, $200 in a… »4/23/08 12:31am4/23/08 12:31am

Bluetrek Updates Their Weatherproof Bluetooth Headset to X3

It's been more than two years since Bluetrek dumped their X2 headsets onto the world, which is more than enough time to perfect the design and functionality to make this X3 even better. Is it? Based on the stats, the talk time has decreased from 14 hours to 8, but has gone from half an ounce to 0.45 ounces. It's also… »4/18/08 3:20pm4/18/08 3:20pm

AMD Phenom X3 Triple Core Processors Are Crippled Quad Cores in Disguise

Part of AMD's multi-core Phenom blast today is the Phenom X3 8000, "the world's only triple-core x86 processor," which we heard about a few months ago. They're supposed to bargain chips for budget consumers, but they're a nicer bargain for AMD, actually, since it lets them dump bug-plagued quad-core Phenomsby… »3/27/08 9:30pm3/27/08 9:30pm