Intel Opens Door for Army of MacBook Air Clones

Muffled by the cacophony of like a million » 8/22/08 1:30pm 8/22/08 1:30pm netbooks and that'll power at the Intel Developer Forum was for ultra-thin notebooks-i.e., the dwarven chips that made the MacBook Air possible. Now that everybody can snag them, expect a surge of that can suck in their gut to fit into . and already use the new chips.…

Rumor: New Dell Inspirons Take Shot At Macbook Air, Lenovo X300

While Apple and Lenovo may have started the latest thin laptop trend, Engadget reports that Dell is entering the ring with their Inspiron 1435, 1535 and 1735. The three laptops are said to share a similar design, with a graduated thickness from 1 to about 1.5 inches. With processors up to Core 2 Duo 2.16GHz, each model … » 5/08/08 12:50pm 5/08/08 12:50pm

Lenovo's Entire New ThinkPad Line Leaked, X300 Gets Siblings

A few months back, we broke news on Lenovo's ultra-thin, ultra-functional X300 laptop. Now we've gotten an update on what the company's been up to during the interim. All of their lines are seeing a major refresh, but the biggest news is that starting this September, the famous X300 will have a family. » 4/10/08 5:49pm 4/10/08 5:49pm

Lenovo's Official X300 Comparison vs. MacBook Air Shows Why It's Better…

You saw the 5 takes on the Lenovo X300, the X300 benchmarked vs. the MacBook Air, and even Mossberg's review, but what does Lenovo think about the comparisons between the two laptops? Well, obviously, they think their machine is better, but the reasons given for why it's better appeals to Lenovo's core audience—the… » 2/28/08 1:55pm 2/28/08 1:55pm

ThinkPad X300 Now Available for Just $2,404

MacBook and MacBook Pros may be coming later today to the Apple Store, but the Lenovo ThinkPad X300 is available now at the Lenovo online store, starting at a "sale price" of $2,404 instead of $3,006 (Lenovo's "previous price") or Mossberg's $2,476 quote. Full configurations after the jump. » 2/26/08 7:24am 2/26/08 7:24am

Lenovo X300 Benchmarked Versus MacBook Air

Although Mossberg's Lenovo X300 vs. MacBook Air fight compared things like weight, portability, inputs and functionality, it didn't compare the thing that power users care about—performance—in absolute numbers. Notebook Review did. In their CPU benchmark, the Air finished the test in 68 seconds while the X300 took an… » 2/22/08 3:20pm 2/22/08 3:20pm

Question of the Day: Lenovo X300 or the MacBook Air?

An interesting battle is brewing between the upcoming Lenovo X300 and the MacBook Air. The esteemed Walt Mossberg has already threw in his two cents, and now you can too—complete with a fancy percentage breakdown. So which is it going to be? Are you in Lenovo's corner or Apple's? » 2/21/08 7:40pm 2/21/08 7:40pm

Backstory and Teardown of the Lenovo X300 (Components By Weight!)

Here's an interesting bit: The Lenovo x300 almost had the old IBM butterfly keyboard of old. This detail and others were revealed in a Businessweek cover story on the ultrathin, quickly being recognized as the antithesis to the Apple Air. The piece has a lot of other interesting background, like the above info graphic… » 2/18/08 7:10pm 2/18/08 7:10pm

Mossberg Discovers the Lenovo X300

Mossberg is introducing the Lenovo X300 to the mainstream in a preview this week. Giz readers will recognize that everything here was already seen in a wide-open leak on January 18th. Best new thing from his write-up is the cool photo of the x300 on a manila envelope, same as in those now famous ads. » 2/13/08 11:35am 2/13/08 11:35am

Macbook Air and The Usual Suspects

We already gave you a spec-wise comparison of the Macbook Air and its prominent competitors, but The Usual Suspects—the Lenovo X300 (recently leaked), Sony TZ and Dell XPS m1330—are all back for a photo shoot. Jump for the fantastic line-up of the laptop bad boys bearing it all. » 1/20/08 1:03am 1/20/08 1:03am