Contest: Design The Gaming Laptop of the Future and Win a Toshiba X305

You know what is better than getting a brand new Toshiba Qosmio X305 gaming laptop this holiday? How about getting one for free? Yes, that definitely would be the way to go—but there is one small catch. You have to earn it by designing your vision of the ultimate gaming laptop of the future. Just send a presentable… » 11/20/08 11:00am 11/20/08 11:00am

Toshiba Qosmio Line Gets Cheaper, More Fun with GPS-Equipped F55, X305…

Toshiba decided to divvy up its Qosmio line into three very different machines, with starting prices way below the $3,000 that Qosmios previously cost.

• The 15.4" F55, with starting price at $1,150, will include built-in GPS—with Garmin navigation and mapping software—while its $1,750 configuration will have some… » 6/17/08 9:25am 6/17/08 9:25am

Toshiba Qosmio X305 (Powerhouse Gaming Laptop) Leaked

Here's what looks like a pretty legit shot of Toshiba's new gaming laptop, the Qosimo X305. Expected for a July 14th release, the new system features a 17-inch screen, 1GB NVIDIA GeForce GTX, 3Ghz intel processor and dual 7200RPM hard drives up to 500GB a pop. We also dig the HDMI out and 4 Harmon Kardon speakers. But… » 6/13/08 12:53pm 6/13/08 12:53pm