MSI Doubles X340 Battery, Improves Keyboard, Drops Price

When we reviewed MSI's X340 aka "the Unemployed Man's MacBook Air" back in May, we loved how slim it was, but were concerned by its poor battery life and flimsy-as-hell keyboard. It now looks like MSI has sweetened the deal. » 8/19/09 8:45am 8/19/09 8:45am

A Tour of MSI's Thin and Light X340 Laptop

Every major netbook manufacturer has their own budget MacBook Air-like system coming to the market soon. Here's the first look at something slightly more spacious, MSI's X340, a full-sized 13.4-inch laptop in a petite frame. » 3/31/09 2:40pm 3/31/09 2:40pm

MSI's X-Slim X340, X600 Are Two More Sub-$1000 Macbook Air Lookalikes

We don't know much about MSI's X-Slim netbook line being touted in China, but from the looks of it, these machines are winners: super-slim form factors, light-weight, 13.4 or 15.6-inch screens, and low cost. » 2/23/09 9:20am 2/23/09 9:20am