These Augmented Reality Specs Can Turn a Regular Joe into James Bond

While 007 can seemingly pull off any impossible mission without breaking a sweat, real world field intelligence agents don't have it nearly that easy. They must maintain encyclopedic mental records of names and faces as well as relay information to and from HQ—all without blowing their covers. To give its agents an… »6/25/14 7:40pm6/25/14 7:40pm


Draganfly X6 UAV: UFO Thingy Packed With Carbon Fiber, HD/Night Cameras and GPS

The Draganfly series of heli cams have been impressive, but the just announced X6 is freaking amazing. The triple-tipped carbon fiber body has two carbon rotors on each end. The design allows it to move in all directions rapidly, provide enough control to zip around indoors yet resist up to 18 miles per hour of wind. »8/26/08 10:09pm8/26/08 10:09pm

Gaming on the Death Star: Microsoft SideWinder X6 Keyboard With Switchable Keypad and X5 Mouse

I don't know who's designing Microsoft's gaming hardware after their brief hiatus from the market, but they're insane, in the best possible way-they've actually got some inspired, unique form factors, besides a huge Vader hard-on. The first SideWinder keyboard ever »8/20/08 3:00am8/20/08 3:00am, the X6, has a macro/numberpad that'll dock on either…

Microsoft Releasing SideWinder Keyboard in September?

Is Microsoft continuing their SideWinder brand revival—started with a mouse—with the release of a keyboard later this year? Perhaps, but this SideWinder X6 seems to be a pretty interesting keyboard in any case. It's got red (perhaps glowing?) keys, a detatchable num-pad, programmable buttons and TWO gigantic knobs on… »7/20/08 2:30pm7/20/08 2:30pm