Dealzmodo: Thinkpad Laptops and Tablets up to 50% Off at Lenovo Outlet

If you need a new laptop and you are pressed for cash, or you enjoy the heart-pounding thrill of values, the Lenovo outlet is having a firesale on new R, T, X and Z series laptops and X series tablets—many of which are being sold at 50% off. Who knows how long the deals will last, so you had better jump on 'em while… » 3/12/08 6:30pm 3/12/08 6:30pm

Lenovo X60 Tabletized, Gets the Achilles Hinge

I love the x60 Thinkpad. It's small, solidly built, and has a model with built in cellular data. A few days ago, the blogs went mad over leaked info about an X60 tablet with Core Duo and Solo processors, and the ability to use both a magnetic pen (standard on tablets) or a finger to draw on the touchscreen. More… » 10/09/06 4:48pm 10/09/06 4:48pm

Samsung's Core Duo Pair

Samsung's been a busy bee, and per usual, comes out with some good-looking equipment for us to ogle. The X60 and the R65 are both Core Duo notebooks with 15.4- and 15-inch displays respectively. Both come with T2300 Core Duo processors backed up with half a gig of RAM and 80GB hard drives and both are blessed with… » 1/18/06 10:20am 1/18/06 10:20am

Samsung's Sexy New Dual-Core Laptops

Samsung is trying to do one on Apple with its new X60 and R65 dual-core laptops. Sexy and sleek like a MacBook Pro, with their polished metal and black keyboards they have an TiBook-esque appearence. The X60 has a 15.4" widescreen which looks stunning, Gigabit ethernet, five-hour battery life, and so much more.… » 1/13/06 2:07pm 1/13/06 2:07pm

Monster 10 Megapixel Cameras from Vivitar

Yup, you knew it was coming. What's the digital camera business without the megapixel wars? And to eclipse the competition best they could (they are NOT French for god's sake), Vivitar announced 2, 10 Megapixel cameras at CES. The X60 has 6x optical/8x digital zoom lens, 2.8-inch LCD and a VGA/30 frames per second… » 1/09/06 9:31am 1/09/06 9:31am