Does an x86 Ice Cream Sandwich Port Spell Future Intel Tablets?

Google made good on its IDF keynote promise and announced that is has ported Android 4.0 to Intel's x86 architecture. What does that mean? Could be that Intel tablets are on the horizon, but they still face issues with their chips' power consumption. More speculation is available at Ubergizmo. » 12/02/11 2:00am 12/02/11 2:00am

PC Gamers, Get Out Your Penis Rulers: The Next 3DMark Is Coming

Futuremark, arbiter of all synthetic benchmarks that upend message boards and LAN party envies around the globe, is ready to make you feel bad about your rig all over again: 3DMark for Windows 8. But there's a twist! » 11/14/11 11:27am 11/14/11 11:27am

Android and Intel Are Together at Last

Intel's gushing about a pretty huge team-up: in the near future, every single release of Android will be optimized for x86 chips. Intel processors in Android phones. Intel processors in Android tablets. This is big. » 9/13/11 1:25pm 9/13/11 1:25pm

Android Honeycomb Coming to Intel Tablets

If you're holding out for an x86-based tablet from Intel, good news! They're working with the Android team on a version of Honeycomb that will run on their devices (most likely Atom-based chipsets). [The Register via Liliputing via Slashdot] » 4/20/11 4:05pm 4/20/11 4:05pm

Can Intel Compete in a Mobile ARMs Race?

Both Apple's iPhone and iPad and Qualcomm's Snapdragon chips are based on ARM architecture, as are almost all cell phone processors. But where is Intel and the x86? Can the world's largest semiconductor company thwart the public's embrace of ARM? » 9/15/10 9:00am 9/15/10 9:00am

Intel 8088: The Chip That Gave Birth to the Borg

This is the Intel 8088. A beast with 29,000 transistors that could be clocked up 8MHz in its 1979 heyday, it was the second chip to use the x86 architecture, and the brains inside the original IBM PC. » 7/17/09 7:00pm 7/17/09 7:00pm

All 31 Years of Intel's x86 CPU History

MaximumPC takes a maximum look at the 3.1 decades of x86 CPU architecture, which you're probably using RIGHT NOW on some machine in your home, assuming you're not cheap or a weirdo. » 4/14/09 9:19pm 4/14/09 9:19pm

Tiny Wee Via Mobile ITX Motherboard to Power x86 Smartphones

Yes, that's a technical term: Via's new Mobile ITX motherboard just presented at Computex is absolutely tiny wee, as you can see here compared to a RAZR. But don't think it's underpowered, because this 3 x 1.8 inches PC comes loaded and ready to power all kinds of x86-compatible smartphones. » 6/07/07 7:52am 6/07/07 7:52am