The Best Xbox 360 Deal: Arcade Bundle + 60GB Live Starter Pack, $250

So, I went to Circuit City yesterday because I couldn't keep myself away from the Black Friday madness (it's fun), and because I wanted to pick up that $199 Xbox 360 Arcade + 20GB refurb hard drive, since it was a good deal without BS add-ons. Apparently, they only had one of those per store, so I missed it. But… » 11/29/08 4:00pm 11/29/08 4:00pm

Dealzmodo: Xbox 360 Elite at $300 and Xbox Arcade Bundle at $179 Plus…

It's time to thank your moms if they taught you the habit of clipping coupons, because when you enter these coupon codes at Dell, you can have your very own 120GB Xbox 360 Elite (5Z051006DSW7DJ) for only $300, and the Xbox 360 Arcade Console, bundled with Madden NFL '09, (GNZ5SVNKLJ8924) for just $179 ... all shipped… » 10/09/08 9:13pm 10/09/08 9:13pm

Xbox 360 Arcade Coming Soon, to Match Core System's Price

The rumored Xbox 360 Arcade system looks to be inches away from becoming a reality, according to this fuzzy image snapped at an unnamed retail store. The details, as we have them, are thus: a hard-drive-free Xbox 360 that comes packaged with a 256MB memory card (to satisfy developers like Rockstar, who want to require… » 10/11/07 3:36pm 10/11/07 3:36pm

Xbox 360 Core to Become Xbox 360 Arcade?

News comes in from Microsoft Belgium that the oft made fun of Xbox 360 Core is going to be finally discontinued and replaced with an Xbox 360 Arcade. It's essentially the same console—same white DVD face and same lack of hard drive—but adds a wireless controller and a 256MB memory card. Oh, and five Xbox Live Arcade… » 8/20/07 11:37am 8/20/07 11:37am