Microsoft NXE Deal Upgrades Your Xbox 360 Memory For Less

Afraid your Xbox doesn't have enough memory »10/13/08 10:00pm10/13/08 10:00pm for the New Xbox Experience? So is Microsoft, and they're willing to sell you the storage space you need for a much reduced price. You can now log on to the company's to see if you're eligible for one of their special memory upgrade offers. Under their deal, a 20GB hard…

Rumor: Leaked Microsoft Email Confirms 60GB Hard Drive Package, 120GB Hard Drive Price Drop

A leaked email sent out to buyers at GameStop and Blockbuster shows three things that Microsoft will announce before or around E3 next week. One, there's a 60GB Pro console package coming. Two, there's a $99 60GB hard drive pack for Arcade and Core owners, which comes also with 3 months of Xbox Live, a wired headset… »7/08/08 3:59pm7/08/08 3:59pm